The town is currently collecting public comments for consideration during the next phase of the Sidewalk Master Plan-- a full prioritization of projects for new and repaired sidewalks. Please submit your comments!

The site will bring up a map where you can select from a number of marker options (ped xing, sidewalk, bicycle access, accident, etc.), place a marker on the map, and add a comment.

Even if a comment already exists saying the same thing, please add your own with your name so that the town can properly gauge the level of support.

The comment period ends 7/15, so
submit your comments soon!

Detailed Instructions

  1. Select comment category.

  2. Click on the desired location on the map. You may need to wait several seconds for the popup to appear.

  3. Add your name and comment to the popup box.

  4. Click "Save" to save your comment, or "Delete" to remove it.