Active Transportation Plan

Vote "yes" on Article 27 to fund the creation of an Active Transportation Plan

Article 27 asks for approval to use Transportation Network Company fees to fund the development of an Active Transportation Plan.

What are Transportation Network Company Fees?

By state law, for every ride-sharing (Uber, Lyft, etc) and taxi ride, the operating company pays a 20-cent fee that gets split between the originating town or city, and the state. For Andover, this amounts to about $8000 per year. Currently, the money collected via these fees is unused. Article 27 requests $40,000 from this pool of money to fund the creation of an Active Transportation Plan for the town.

What is an Active Transportation Plan?

"Active Transportation" refers to walking, bicycling, rolling, or any other non-motorized means of travel. The Active Transportation Plan recognizes the impact that cars have had on our community and environment. It seeks to remedy the implications of living in a car-dependent community by offering a strategic plan for making walking and biking competitive alternatives to driving.

The goals of the Active Transportation Plan are to:

The Active Transportation Plan aims to achieve these goals through the following actions:

The Select Board, Planning Board, Finance Committee, Conservation Commission, and Green Advisory Board have all voted to recommend approval of Article 27.