Active Transportation Master Plan

"Active Transportation" refers to walking, bicycling, rolling, or public transit use.

A crucial part of any long-term project is a set of coherent goals. While the Sidewalk and Complete Streets projects are critical to making walking, biking, and rolling safer and more accessible around Andover, an overarching Active Transportation Master Plan would help guide the town towards a shared vision for the future of non-car transportation.

The Town's Planning Department has submitted Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) requests for approximately $50,000 in order to fund a master plan for several years but has never received funding from the Town Manager. We feel that the time has come to speak up and show our support for this CIP request. With the adoption of a Complete Streets Policy, the town has become eligible for a small grant from the state to put together a prioritized list of Complete Streets projects. The town has also already invested time and money to create a full sidewalk inventory. This CIP request would leverage this work and produce a complete master plan to outline the vision of walking, biking, and rolling in Andover for the coming decades.

A prior version of the CIP request can be found here. A revised request was submitted this year, updating language and highlighting the effectiveness of leveraging the existing work. Between now and October 6th is our opportunity to show support for the funding of an Active Transportation Master Plan.

If you're in support, please use our sample letter to urge Town Manager Andrew Flanagan to recommend fully funding this CIP request.


The Town Manager has recommended funding $40,000 of the $50,000 request.