Shared Streets Program

Andover's Shared Streets program is now closed for the season.

Please take a few minutes and share your feedback with the Planning Department until December 28th.

"Shared Streets" is a re-prioritization of street space to allow for easy and safe use of streets by people on foot or on wheels. Quick-build materials (non-permanent posts, signage, etc.) are used to implement traffic calming, and cars are discouraged from using a Shared Street as a through route (although they are still allowed). This encourages the street to be used by kids and adults alike. On Shared Streets, cars are guests.

Check out Andover's Shared Streets webpage for more detailed information.

Shared Streets FAQ

  1. Are cars allowed on Shared Streets?

Yes, cars are still allowed on Shared Streets, but users outside of cars are given priority. Cars should yield to all other users on Shared Streets.

  1. Can I still park on a Shared Street?

All existing parking regulations are still in place on Shared Streets, except for where prohibited through the use of additional temporary bollards or signs. If you don't see a sign or bollard blocking you, and it's otherwise allowed, you may park.

  1. What is the speed limit on a Shared Street?

Shared Street designation does not change the speed limit of a street.

  1. Who has right of way on a Shared Street?

On Shared Streets, cars are guests. Drivers should drive slowly and give right-of-way to all other users.

  1. Why is Maple Ave a Shared Street?

Maple Ave was selected by the Planning Department as the site of this pilot program due to its proximity to downtown, a desire to discourage cut-through use, and strong support by Maple Ave residents.

  1. Can I turn my street into a Shared Street?

We hope so! If you want to see the Shared Streets program continue, or to ask that your street be given the Shared Streets treatment, please email the Andover Planning Department.

  1. What about snow?

This pilot program will only run through mid-November. The Police Department will be collecting traffic speed and volume data, and the Planning Department will be collecting resident feedback until that time.