Andover's goal for Complete Streets is to make all modes of transportation safe for all ages and abilities. Walk Bike Andover feels that protected bicycle lanes align with this goal, and strongly encourages residents to show their support for the protected options. Read more about protected vs unprotected bicycle lanes here.

Please take a moment and complete the town's Complete Streets survey to indicate your habits and preferences for bike lane styles.

We've created a photo guide for questions #5 and #6, which ask you to rank order your preferred bike lane style. Note that some options are protected and some are not.

Question #5

Sidewalk-level one-way bicycle lane (protected)

Sidewalk-level two-way cycle track (protected)

Shared use path (protected)

Buffered on-road bicycle lanes (unprotected)

Question #6

Shared use path (protected)

On-road bicycle lanes (unprotected)