25mph Speed Limit

The town of Andover approved MGL c. 90 § 17C in 2022, allowing for towns and cities to "opt-in" to a 25mph default speed limit in thickly settled areas and business districts. Walk/Bike Andover supports a town-wide adoption of the 25mph default limit, rather than on a street-by-street basis. In October 2022, the Select Board unanimously voted to apply the default 25mph limit town-wide.

Learn more about 25mph default speed limits at mass.gov.


As of 2/27/23, all but two of the new 25mph signs have been installed. APD/DPW are still waiting to receive the final two signs.

As of 1/9/23, the Town has started the process of installing new "25mph Townwide Unless Otherwise Posted" signs. APD will take some time to educate drivers and give verbal warnings before they start issuing citations.